1: We will create a specialized code for you to give out to your Club/Sorority + alumni /family members/friends/Social Media/etc. When someone uses this “Impact Code”, they will receive a discount on merchandise from our website, PLUS we will donate a percentage of each sale directly to your Club/Sorority. Your Club/Sorority can decide what to do with the funds, whether it be to keep it in house or donate it in the Sorority’s/Club’s name to a charity of its choice. Simple as that. No investment, no risk. Just $$ coming in for your Sorority/Club/Cause. *The charity must align with Elliot Young’s interest in child advocacy and be an accredited 501c (3). Prior to dispersing the charitable proceeds, Elliot Young will confirm the charity of your choice. 

2: We can help arrange a shopping event/trunk show you would hold at your house, school, venue, or "Virtually", where we would give a discount to the attendees, plus a percentage of the proceeds donated to your Sorority/Club as above. 

3: We can work directly with you to create a custom or customized piece representative of your Club/Sorority, and discuss sales and/or gifting options and ideas. Examples include: a logo, a piece specific to a graduating class with their year on it, stone colors that correspond to the sorority, etc. 

4: If there is an Impact Connector*: For making the connection as well as the planning and execution of the fundraising strategy (social media posts, flyers, event invites etc.), the connector will receive a $100 credit to our website after the first three sales are made for that particular fundraising event and/or code. Elliot Young will provide images/creative assets to support marketing your event.

Contact us for more information.