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Jessica Elliot and Jennifer McNulty Young met in 2006 at an Accessories Trade Show in New York City. Jennifer, the Designer Jewelry Buyer for Nordstrom, was looking for unique product to bring to their customer. She crossed paths at the show with Jessica, a Jewelry designer, who at the time had a line of beautiful Sterling vintage keys. These keys turned into a best-selling item at Nordstrom, and from there they created a special partnership and friendship that evolved over many years.

Even after the Nordstrom years, they remained close friends- bonding over their careers, children and similar work ethic. Their friendship and partnership was always effortless and fun. And although they only saw each other once or twice a year because they lived in different cities, they always kept in touch and up to date on each other’s lives. Fast forward about 10 years, where these friends and colleagues have come full circle to join forces and collaborate on a modern, accessible fashion Fine Jewelry line, naturally called: Elliot Young.

Using consciously sourced precious metal and stones, the line is hand cast, fabricated and set piece by piece in downtown Los Angeles. With the greatest attention to detail, much of Elliot Young
fashion-forward signature style is built on mixing metals: 14k Yellow, Rose, White Gold and Sterling, with a variety of precious stones and diamonds.

Elliot Young chose the crossing arrows as their symbol because it represents their friendship and collaboration. Each arrow is slightly different, but compliments each other, just like Jessica and Jennifer. The circle represents the two coming together again, and diamonds in an arrow can represent courage and strength as one moves forward, or invincibility. These are two powerful women committed to lifting people up, enjoying all that life has to offer, giving back, and fulfilling their ultimate dream and passion! Their hope is that each piece of Elliot Young brings joy and light to all who wear it.