About Us


Elliot Young Fine Jewelry is created on the premise of making an impact while doing what we love!  Both of us have been in the fashion industry our whole adult lives. We are female entrepreneurs, but we are also mothers who have the same concern for the future of our children.  Having worked in a seemingly superficial environment where people easily lose sight of what’s really important, we wanted this company to not only offer a product that helps people feel great, but that also makes a positive impact on our local communities while giving back to our youth.  

But for us, this was not doing enough.  We also wanted our company to help others make an impact!  In addition to donating a percentage of our proceeds, we created a platform for others to give back as well.  We partner and donate to schools, youth sports teams, clubs and sororities, and individuals, teaming up one on one with people like us that would like to see change.   One person CAN make a difference. One person affects the next person, and our company gives people an easy way to make that difference through our Elliot Young Impact Program.

Having a child changes your view of the world.  The focus becomes about being selfless, with more focus on the greater good. We hope our product makes you feel beautiful.  But most of all, we know our product is doing good and we thank you for being a part of this journey to support our youth. They need us and now is the time to make a difference for their future and their kids’ future!

BE THE CHANGE: Get involved in our Elliot Young Impact Program!