1: We will create a specialized code for you to give out to friends/affiliates/board members/Social Media/etc. When someone uses this “Impact code”, they will receive a discount on merchandise from our website, PLUS we will donate a percentage of each sale directly to your charity. Simple as that. No investment, no risk. Just $$ coming in for your cause. 

2: We will participate in your charity’s event(s) selling our merchandise, providing a discount to the attendees, plus a percentage of the proceeds donated to your charity. 

3: We can work directly with you to create a custom or customized piece representative of your Charity, and discuss sales and/or gifting options and ideas. Examples include: a logo, a piece specific to a cause, stone colors that correspond to the charity, etc.  

4: If there is an Impact Connector*: For making the connection as well as the planning and execution of the fundraising strategy (social media posts, flyers, event, invites etc.), the connector will receive a $100 credit to our website after the first three sales are made for that particular fundraising event and/or code. Elliot Young will provide images/creative assets to support marketing your event.

Contact us for more information.