Fall/Holiday Jewelry trends: Three of Jess and Jen’s favorites 2023

There are trends that come and go, and there are trends that stick around.  We prefer to focus on long-lasting style, so when we pick our favorites for a season, they tend to be wearable all year round.  Here are three of our current picks….


1:  One of our favorite F/H 2023 trends in fashion is menswear.  Clean, unisex, classic.  Our heavy chains pair beautifully with this look.  Bold and chunky, these pieces add that bit of masculinity and edge, but still keep it feminine.  Try pairing our Heavy chain bracelet with your watch or your Sterling or Cool color bracelet stacks.  And our Necklace looks good stacked with just about everything.

2:  As InStyle calls out in their 2023 Jewelry trends: mismatched earrings are in.  And we couldn’t agree more.  We love an earring stack.  And we love mixing it up.  We sell many of our studs as singles so you can mix and match and create your own look.  And It also makes it fun to buy gifts for your bestie— buy a few pair and split them up! Mix our Evil Eye and Hamsa studs together… or our Edge and Initial studs together.  Or all four, one of each, in your double piercings!

3:  Out of all of our picks, our favorite current Jewelry trend is customization.  This is not just a trend for Holiday 2023, but for every holiday and all year round.  We have created a group of medallions that can be purchased separately so you can slide them onto your own chain, you can add them to our beautiful assortment of chains + our semi-precious and pearl beaded necks, or you can buy them already on one of our chains.  Some callouts here are our two-tone Sterling + 14K Gold “Heart Shield”, our 14K Evil Eye Protection Medallion with Diamonds and Sapphire, and our 14K Compass with Diamonds, Black Diamonds, or Rubies.  Collect them all, and stack them up together to create your own customized layered neck.

Whatever trends move you, make sure to go outside your comfort zone and try new things.  You may be surprised at what looks great once you try it on…


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